Meditation Bench, Candles, and Music – A unique scene to Enhance Your Mindfulness Journey, especially for ADHD Sufferers


Hey there, folks! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re searching for innovative ways to manage your ADHD symptoms. Let me share something from the heart—I’ve been there. I’ve tried countless techniques for effective meditation, but the meditation bench, along with some soothing meditation candles, has been revolutionary. Stick around, because I’m about to break down how this combo can drastically improve your quality of life.

Understanding Brain Waves for Better ADHD Management

ADHD individuals often exhibit higher levels of Beta brain waves, which are associated with alertness but also with anxiety, stress, and scattered thoughts. While this state of mind helps us handle immediate challenges, it can be draining and counterproductive when sustained for longer periods. By contrast, the goal for anyone—especially those with ADHD—might be to tap into the Alpha or even Theta brain wave states more often. Alpha waves are linked to relaxation, creativity, and a reduced sense of time pressure, making them ideal for tasks that require focused attention. Theta waves go a step further into deep relaxation and are linked to improved emotional connection and intuition. Through meditation and mindfulness practices, the aim is to transition from a Beta-dominated brain wave state to more Alpha and Theta states for better focus, emotional well-being, and cognitive function.

What is a Meditation Bench?

Why It’s Different

You might be wondering, why not just use a chair or cushion? Well, a meditation bench isn’t your run-of-the-mill seating arrangement. It’s ergonomically designed to help you maintain the right posture, aligning your back, hips, and knees, thereby making it easier to focus. This is crucial for ADHD sufferers who often find it challenging to focus on tasks.


The benefits of using a meditation bench are manifold. Comfort is a given, but there’s also the reduced stress on your back and legs, which encourages longer, more focused sessions. This is particularly important for ADHD sufferers who find sustaining focus over extended periods to be a significant hurdle.

How to Choose a Meditation Bench


Benches come in various materials—wood, bamboo, or even upholstered varieties. While wood might offer that earthy, rustic feel, upholstery can provide extra comfort. The material can affect not just your comfort but also your level of focus and, consequently, the effectiveness of your meditation.


This is crucial. Your height, leg length, and even your flexibility will determine the best size for you. An ill-fitting bench can create discomfort, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to meditate.


Let’s face it, if you’re not comfortable, you won’t last five minutes, let alone a meditation session long enough to really dive deep. So, look for options with padded seats or consider adding a cushion for extra coziness.

Cost Considerations

Price Range

Budgets matter! You can find good-quality benches that range between $50 and $200. Trust me, a worthy investment for your mental well-being.

Where to Buy

From specialty stores to e-commerce giants like Amazon, the choice is endless. I’ll be providing some recommendations later on to help you decide.

How the Meditation Bench Helps ADHD

For ADHD sufferers like me, mindfulness can be transformative. It teaches you to redirect wandering thoughts, improving focus and relieving anxiety. A bench facilitates this by providing a stable base for these practices.


Not everyone gets along with benches, and that’s okay! There are alternatives like meditation cushions and ergonomic chairs designed for meditation.

Meditation Candles

How They Complement the Meditation Bench

Imagine meditating to the soft flicker and subtle fragrance of a candle. It engages another one of your senses, making the experience more immersive.

Setting Up Your Space

Room Essentials

Soft wall colors can set a calming mood, and low-volume instrumental music or nature sounds can enhance your meditation experience.

What to Listen To with the Meditation Bench

Here’s a unique tip—try binaural beats. These audio tracks produce an experience of auditory illusions that can guide you into states of relaxation, focus, or even deep sleep. Just remember to use headphones for the best experience.

Relaxing sounds

Relaxing Nature Sounds Set – for Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep – Nature’s Perfect White Noise –

Candle Positioning

Place your candles where you can see and smell them, but well away from any flammable objects. Safety first!

A Guided Session

For beginners, a guided meditation session can be highly beneficial. There are apps and YouTube channels devoted to this. They guide you through the meditation process, providing cues for breathing, focus, and relaxation.

The Earth hums with an energy, a vibration that’s both grounding and rejuvenating. There’s something deeply magical about syncing our pulse with that of our planet. On many evenings, my husband and I have felt this firsthand. We’d step outside, with the Mozi eye masks with music coming through them, the sky painted with hues of twilight, and settle down for our chakra meditation. With our feet bare, caressing the cool, dew-kissed grass, it’s as if the Earth whispers its age-old secrets, helping align our energy with its rhythmic flow. But this is just one path to connection. You might also try hugging a tree, feeling its bark against your skin and its roots delving deep. Or perhaps laying flat on the ground, surrendering every ounce of tension to the Earth, letting it cradle you. It’s these moments of intimate connection with nature that remind us of our place in this vast universe, grounding us in gratitude and serenity.

Common Mistakes

Common pitfalls include choosing an uncomfortable seating position, allowing distractions in the space, and being too harsh on oneself when the mind wanders. These are all perfectly normal hiccups, but being aware of them can improve your practice.

Tips for ADHD Sufferers

Best Time to Meditate

ADHD symptoms often vary throughout the day. Morning sessions, when the mind is less cluttered, often work best.


Short, consistent sessions of about 10 to 15 minutes can make a significant difference over time.

Product Recommendations

Best Benches

meditation bench

Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Zen Black), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The Perfect Posture, Meditation Stool, Prayer Bench, Meditation Chair, Yoga Stool

Florensi Meditation Cushion – Comfortable Floor Pillow – Traditional Tibetan Meditation Pillow with Beautiful Velvet Cover – Large Floor Cushion Seating for Adults – Premium Yoga Buckwheat Bolster

Meditation cushion

Best Candles

meditation Candles

Tea Light Candle Holders Meditation Decor Buddha Hand Candle Holder Zen Spiritual Sculpture for Relax Bedroom Decoration Resin Retro Witchy Candle Yoga Hand Decor 7.59 Inch (Brown)

Breathing Buddha Meditation Tool

Incorporate daily guided breathwork to center your thoughts throughout the day or encourage restful slumber, boosting your overall well-being. This easy and enjoyable meditation technique can also foster mindfulness, assisting you in cherishing the here and now.

Mindsight ‘Breathing Buddha’ Guided Visual Meditation Tool for Mindfulness | Slow Your Breathing & Calm Your Mind for Stress & Anxiety Relief | Perfect for Adults & Kids


Personal Experience – Meditation Bench

I’ve been using a meditation bench for years now, and let me tell you, the impact has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only has it improved my posture, but my ability to focus has also soared—something I never thought possible, given my ADHD traits.

Conclusion – Meditation Bench

Alright, friends, we’ve covered a lot, haven’t we? From what a meditation bench is, how to pick one, and how it can be particularly helpful for those of us managing ADHD symptoms, to the added ambiance and focus that meditation candles can provide. Meditation is a journey, and like all journeys, the first step is often the hardest. But once you find your pace (and the right bench!), it becomes a path of endless discovery and peace. So, are you ready to take that step?

FAQs – Meditation Bench

  1. Can I meditate without a bench?
    • Absolutely, but a bench can enhance your experience.
  2. How long should I meditate each day?
    • Start with 10 minutes and work your way up.
  3. Can children with ADHD use a meditation bench?
    • Yes, but supervision is advised for younger children.
  4. Where can I buy meditation candles?
    • Online stores like Amazon offer a wide variety.
  5. Do I need special wall colors or music to meditate?
    • No, but these can improve your overall experience.

Feel free to drop any more questions you might have, and I’ll be glad to help!

Meditation Bench candles

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